Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman island is a paradise. It has an amazing long sandbar. It is located in Palompon leyte. The water is crystal blue and the powder like sand. The beach is the smaller version of Boracay Island. This island isn’t crowded like other famous beaches. You can feel the virgin unpolluted clean water. There are some maritime species like Star fish, Dolphins in the morning especially during 6am going to the Island. No hotel room and there are some officers who take care the place. You need to bring your own cooking materials because the beach is in remote area. Things to bring like Tent, Water, food, and some cooking stuffs. The beach does not allow  any soap that is bad for nature and watch out always of your own garbage to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. There are activities that the beach offer like snorkeling, kayaking, swimming etc.



It is important to contact the Local Tourism Office there.You might ask why you need to do this? because the boat cost 3000php and  has a capacity of 15 persons. If its summer or pick time season the Office suggest to make sure the area isn’t crowded for the safety of the tourist or visitors.  Here are the numbers you need to contact for reservation.


From Manila to Kalanggaman. I suggest you get a ticket because its far to take a bus. There are airlines that offer a Sale of fare from Manila to Tacloban. Then from tacloban airport you need to go to Palompon terminal. There are van that offers a ride to palompon for 250php each.



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