What to know for Hiking in Mt. Arayat?


Mount Arayat is an extinct volcano. The forest trail adventure shouldn’t miss to the bucket list of the backpacker’s. The mountain is famous of fairy tale living like God- who take care the forest and mystical creature that inhabits the area. In first trail you can see that there are people or other visitors who wanted to go and pray in every station of the cross. Moving your feet forward you will see two ways in which one is leading to the Summit and Second is the way to the last station of the Cross.

We went there last 2014. So as the other backpacker’s, I also want to save and wish to pay less in the hiking. So we fallow the color yellow paint to lead you in the summit of Mt. Arayat. It was my first time in the area but yeah i grown up in the mountain, I wasn’t afraid of anything unless if someone will do bad. But I don’t recommend to do it to everyone. It still good and safe to have a tour guide with you guys. It was a funny adventure because I myself wonder what’s inside the forest and how to go back. Well at that time the sun is so nice and the air is fresh where you can hear the birds are singing inside the forest. It will help you to encourage and enjoy the adventure.

According to my experience the backpacker should be careful because there are big rocks that aren’t strong enough to hold your weight. You must have a good shoes and of course water is highly recommended to be with you in the trail.



From other provinces of the Philippines I recommend you guys to take a flight to Clark Airport and there are few cheap hotels where you can stay. Then go to terminal and look via Magalang jeepney’s .


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