What to do in the Philippines?


Majestic Falls

Bangon Falls and Tarangban falls —-> The two falls located at the visayas area of Calbayog City Western Samar. The natural majestic falls has its clean and fresh water that is suit for back packers budget. The traveller can enjoy the cheap cost because the people here are nice in accordance to my experience. How to get there?

From manila you can get a plane ticket via Calbayog City through Philippine airlines  if you want to spend less time and of course you can get also by bus going to samar area. The Bus will pass by the Baranggay Tinaplacan Highway. The cost from manila to Calbayog by bus is 1,500php. When you are there in Brgy, tinaplacan area, you will see the small terminal going to bangon falls . There are “habal-habal” that is use to go in bangon Falls for 200php as a service then 100php for the tourguide.

From Cebu to Calbayog you can go by Cokaliong Shipping Lines.Please take note that the ship has pick days of travel only so be aware of it. So when you arrived in Calbayog Manguino-o Port you can stay at the nearby hotel called “The coral Reef beach and Resort” . In the highway you can ride Jeepney  or Van like( Grand tours) going to Northern Samar and the driver will drop you at Baranggay Tinaplacan.

So now you might wanna ask where is this place located? check this map for more details: https://www.google.com.ph/maps/place/Bangon+Falls/@12.2522248,124.3952912,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x679f9c481836ca4d!8m2!3d12.2522248!4d124.3952912


Bangon falls
Tarangban falls

MALAJOG BEACH —>  Malajog beach is an open beach to the public. Its cheap with NO entrance fee. It is one of the common beaches in Calbayog Area of Samar. How to get there?

From Calbayog Airport you can ride a red color public transportation via Branggay malajog. The beach is located in that Baranggay. It cost 20Php from the airport. The backpacker can enjoy the beach till sunset. For the cottages it cost 200php to 350 php depend on the sizes.Malajog 1

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